Friday, July 29, 2011

Unsolicited Mail & A Sincere Request

If  you've been following along you know how much I love my mail, be it email or letters, from my special friends in the Philippines. Well, I recently got a little of each.

The first was a letter from Dan, the Asst. Director at God's Town. Now the normal course of our correspondence is I write, I get an answer. This letter arrived totally out of the blue and not in response to anything I wrote or sent. What a joy to find it in the mailbox. Well actually Aaron found it first and did his usual "close your eyes, hold out your hand, I've got a surprise for you". Which by now I've learned means mail from someone there.

After smiling like the Cheshire Cat I read over my letter. He was just checking, saying hello and telling me a few things like how Ming Ming had kittens which I knew. Boy I would love to see some pictures of them. This letter seemed to indicate all was well.

My next surprise communication was email from Sebio...It did not appear to be in response to one I had sent, at least not recently. Since his Internet usage is so sporadic I never know when he'll receive email. And when he wasn't in school I figured he would have no Internet time.

Here is the extent of his contact....remember he is a shy young man of "few" words.

June 5, 2011
Subject Line:  This is Sebio

Hi ma'am Dawn
I'm here in catbalogan in Internet cafe
I excited to school because I'm second year college

Good thing for that subject line and email addy, he never signs off on his emails! I wrote back asking how everyone was and probably a few other things and the response.

July 8, 2011
Yes ma'am I'm doing well at school
we are a good healthy

So there you have the update, school good, everyone healthy. I really don't mind the brevity of the messages, it's always the fact of being thought of that counts for me.

Before I sign off this time I'd like to ask my blog followers for some help. If you take a look to the right you'll see a lovely pink block. If you click on that pink block it should take you to a donation form where, if you are able, you can sponsor me in my efforts this October to walk 60 Miles in 3 Days during the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure. I've been training hard and appreciate those who have sponsored me so far, but I've got a ways to go before reaching my $2,300 fundraising goal. So any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

As my Filipino friends say, Salamat or thank you for reading and any help you can give for this new challenge I am taking on

Monday, May 16, 2011

What Nice Young Men

What arrived in today's mail made it my birthday, Christmas and every other holiday all rolled into one. What came was the cutest little card, not big or loaded with words but huge on heart. Inside that card were wonderful sentiments and a picture. And it doesn't matter that my birthday was a month ago or that words are misspelled but when you think about who it came from none of that makes a difference.

Telling you what they said wouldn't do it justice so I'm posting it here for all to see and feel. I love those kids, they are so special. We are so lucky to have those boys and all the kids in God's Town in our lives.

Here is the card, isn't it sweet.

Sebio's words inside the card.

 The picture was from Eric and with him is Dan, the Assistant Director and Purie, Director of God's Town. We're both so proud of them as if they were our own.

Everyone is smiling as always.

This was found on the reverse side of the picture.

Wish I were there to hug them both and say salamat po or thank you for being so loving and kind. Love you guys, now I'm off to write some letters of my own.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Update, Random Thoughts, Pictures & Memories

I've been remiss in posting any updates. The one real update I have is that Ma'am Linda returned safe and sound from her trip back to God's Town. She did cut it short due to the many problems from the earthquake in Japan and fears of issues related to that. But she did come back to us safe albeit very tired, extremely jet lagged and a bit sick. Last I heard from her she's doing well now.

As for God's Town she said although her plan was to go over there and help out with recovery after the severe flooding they had (I posted pictures here previously), she actually found they were in relatively good shape. There were of course things that needed replacement but she noted they are such resourceful people. They managed to save all the electronics etc and cleaned up really well. They actually hoisted their full size fridge up on the counter to keep it dry, which it did, saving a very valuable appliance.

School activities like classes and graduations were delayed but it sounds like everything got back on track eventually. There was fear that while Linda was there she would get flooded in at God's Town due to more severe rain but they took precautions by her staying in town on many nights.

Sebio's birthday is coming up soon. I recently mailed him a singing birthday card, new dvd, (the original Karate Kid) and a letter. Due to my procratination it probably won't make it there in time but I know he'll appreciate it whenever it does.

Me & my adorable peeps
 I'm surprised I hadn't posted this picture before because its one of my favorites. I orginally thought of this as one of "me and my BFF's" but that was until the last minute when Mr. Nathanial slid into the photo hence making it the girls plus 1 guy!!  It's now been over a year and I truly miss them all. I can't wait to go back next year. I'm not sure how many will still be living at God's Town but hopefully if they are at least nearby we will get to see them. Purie the Director has the girls live in town with a family once they start to mature too much. Very wise so that she does not have to worry about any boy/girl adolescent issues that could occur at God's Town. 

Our favorite local place for all
foods Filipino
 I miss the good Filipino food just a little less by now having the Manila Cafe' and Asian Mart within walking distance of where we live. I have amazed the owner, Arlene at how many of their dishes I am familiar with and/or know how to make myself.

Here it is, a little H2O & it's
coffee ma'am!!

But not only am I happy to have delicious Filipino meals such as adobo chicken, my new favorite bicol express and caldereta cooked and ready to purchase at Manila Cafe,  my biggest thrill came when I found she was carrying the 3 in 1 coffee just like I had while there. This coffee, everytime I drink it, takes me back and provides memories that are so real I can hear Ester at our door in the morning..."morning ma'am, coffee ma'am". And there she would be with a tray containing 2 hot delicious mugs of this prize that Becky and I covetted every morning. Of course there was the morning Dan, the Assistant Dir. tried to make us some more during breakfast....sorry Dan but not quite like Esters. This coffee is a mixture of coffee, sugar and the creamer all in one neat little package. Of course I do believe Ester worked a little magic into hers.